Difference between Contracts

March 7, 2022

Proactive Recruitment tends to offer two types of contracts when hiring candidates which would be a temporary contract or a fixed-term contract. This short blog summarises the difference between both.

What is a Temp Contract?

Our clients regularly come to us asking for temps and we provide them with suitable workers. The candidates we send out on a temporary contract are on our payroll, not that of the employer. Each week, time sheets for everyone are created then they are paid by us.

This offers a flexible way of working whilst maintaining job security. This also means that our clients can get candidates into a role quickly and without taking someone on fully as an employee, this also means that for you as a candidate, have the option to walk in and out of specific roles with ease. You will need a good relationship with your agency to make sure that your work/life balance is what you are looking for.

With this type of contract, it is important to know that holiday pay and pension contributions are factored into how you are paid by the agency – the business you are working for doesn’t get involved.

What is a Fixed-Term Contract?

In some situations, the employer will know exactly how long they will need a worker for, for example, to cover maternity leave or a seasonal employee during peak periods.

With a fixed-term contract, you have more certainty regarding the length of your time working for those businesses. It is a commitment from both you and the employer for a set period of time. The time period can be of any range such as 12 weeks, 6 months, or 3 years.

A fixed-term placement is arranged by a recruitment agency, but the employer-employee relationship happens directly rather than through the agency. This means that while you are working for the employer, you should be treated as other employees. Typically, there will be a one week’s notice period.

Working with us

Some of our clients offer a permanent contract after 12 weeks of working on a temporary basis through our recruitment agency for the right candidates. That means that you will be paid from us for that first 12 weeks then you would part ways with us and transfer over to the client’s company on a permanent contract where they would be responsible for paying you from then on.

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