General Election Result: What It Means

December 13, 2019

Many of the UK have woke up this morning with delight knowing that Brexit will finally be happening after what seems like a lifetime. While the rest of us wake up astonished as to how a Conservative government has managed to win another election after 9 years of increasing rough sleepers, food bank use, NHS waiting lists and national debt while decreasing numbers of police officers and nurses. Some may argue that these figures were inevitable and that Labour manifesto simply wasn’t feasible. Regardless the majority of the UK have decided that Brexit simply MUST get done.

In the biggest majority since 1937 the Conservative Party won the election by a landslide. The ‘red wall’ has fallen after Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party’s best efforts, Boris Johnson and the Labour party will now be able to pass through most if not all policies they see fit including a Brexit deal that most other parties may not agree with. It is inevitable that Corbyn will now stand down after the extremely disappointing result (worst in 80 years).

Although spirits will be low in the labour camp, there is some hope for the SNP camp who dominated the Scottish Constituencies giving them a majority of over 80% in Scotland. Over in the Northern Ireland, nationalist parties now outnumber the republican parties which may be seen as a win for unity. No doubt in the near future there will be arguments put to the UK government for both Scottish Independence and Irish Unity.