Job Hunting in 2022

January 10, 2022

We are now almost 2 weeks into 2022 and as we all know, a new year seems to bring about the need for a fresh start with new goals.

The pandemic has seen most of our working lives turned upside down over the last 2 years so I bet a lot of people are hoping 2022 is going to be the one that turns things in the right direction.

Searching for a job can seem daunting at the best of times never mind doing so with the threat of Covid-19 looming in the background. If you are thinking of making 2022 your year of change, or if you have found yourself out of employment, I have compiled our best job hunting tips below.

1. Know your career goals

Before beginning your job search you should take some time to think about your skills and how they can help you reach your goals.

Keeping your goals in mind can make it easier for you to search for a job.

There are different goals you can set which may vary from salary, job satisfaction, job title, or the level of responsibility you may want to have in your role.

2. Change how you search for Jobs

Not all companies advertise vacancies on job boards.

Contacting agencies is a good use of your time, having a chat with a consultant telling them your experience could mean that they may be able to tell you about jobs your skills match up with.

Use social networks, company websites, agency websites and job websites.

3. Use social media to your advantage

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram don’t have to be for personal use only. Searching for keywords such as “job” or “hiring” could lead to you finding an employer who is looking to hire for their team. Or help you find job groups full of other like-minded people who may be able to give you inspiration on your job hunt.

4. Networking

LinkedIn is one of the most popular platforms for professional networking. Creating a strong account and connecting with professionals who work in the sector that you are interested in could be a way to get your foot in the door.

Having a presence on a platform such as LinkedIn can also encourage people to reach out to you with a job offer.

5. Re-Visit your CV

With the job market being so competitive it is important to have an impactful CV as it is highly likely that the person reading your CV has just read 100 before yours.

Keep everything in your CV relevant and it won’t hurt to tailor your CV to each job you are applying for.

Make sure your CV is up to date and filled with all your experience and transparent skills.

6. Sign up to a recruitment agency

Signing up to a recruitment agency is a productive way to spend your time.

It could take some pressure of searching for jobs off you as experienced recruiters could help match your skills up to a relevant position.

For recruitment companies, jobs can appear by the hour so there should be no need to disregard an agency if you can’t find what you are looking for immediately.

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