Job Hunting Tips

January 24, 2020

Hunting for a job can be a very frustrating and demoralising especially if the hunt is taking a lot longer than you may had expected. Becoming familiar with rejection is essential in the job hunt as it is inevitable. Rejection and frustration are combination that can easily result in giving up or continuing with a half-hearted approach to the hunt. Here are a few things you can do to full-heartedly take on the Job hunt whilst staying motivated and presenting the best you to potential employers.

To-Do List/Routine

A massive factor in remaining motivated is focus. Constructing a weekly to-do list or a daily routine can help you focus better on the task at hand. Routine and structure is a great thing for people’s well-being, setting a target for amount of applications each week can help to keep you on top off applying. Also taking notes for each applications can prepare you for a follow up phone call if it comes. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Let Others Critique Your C.V

Your C.V is not set in stone you should be looking to change and add to it frequently, even when you have a current job. However, getting a different set of eyes on your C.V can point out areas for improvement that you may not realise yourself. Sometimes these minor changes can be the difference in getting an interview or not. It is always good to get a second opinion in whatever you do.

Make a List of All Your Achievements

It is important when motivation starts to fade and morale begins to lower, to remember the achievements you have made and how far you have came to this date. Writing down a list of your achievements allows you to celebrate what you have achieved so far and will hopefully motivate you to achieve even more in your future.

Write Down Career Goals

In addition to writing down short term personal goals it is also important to write down your career goals both short and long term. In doing so, will allow you to see the larger picture. You may be going through a tough time at the moment but there is no reason that you cannot achieve your career goals in the future. As with most things in life, perseverance is key.

Take Days Off

It is very easy to become overwhelmed and focus on the negatives during the job hunt. This is why it is very important to take days off and relax. Taking a few days off when you are lacking in motivation can help to alleviate stress and any frustrations which will allow you to reset and start the search again with a new found motivation.