Self Presentation Tips

December 20, 2019

How you present yourself to your people is very important to how they perceive you, it can also have a massive impact on the development of your career.

The way you dress and compose yourself is extremely important in a work environment and interview. Many executives believe that that the way an employee was dressed had a significant impact on whether they got promoted or not.

Attitude and behaviour go a long way in the work place. In many work places behaviour is mimicked therefore, if you portray a positive and motivated attitude it will rub off on co-workers and in turn your actions will be recognised by superiors.

Here are some tips for self presentation:

  • How you dress should suit the type of company. This of course varies between companies and industries. If the job you are applying for or company you work at are a professional company i.e banker insurance you should dress formally a i.e shirt and tie.
  • Keeping well groomed is key. Your work clothes should always be ironed and kept sharp, if there is a button missing or holes get new clothes. Make sure to get a haircut regularly to keep your style. Daily grooming tasks such as washing, moisturising and deodorising should not be skipped.
  • Dress according to the position you want. If you aspire to become a manager take interest in those who occupy these positions if they dress formally then you should too. Always dress for the position you want not the one you have.
  • Behave professionally. No matter how casual your work environment, it’s critical that you behave professionally at all times. Consistently deliver good work, meet deadlines and be on time for meetings. Always be polite and positive—even when others aren’t.

Presenting yourself professionally is all about knowing what the standard is in your company or industry and finding a way to adhere to it without losing your individuality. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll soon learn how to present yourself to your best professional advantage.

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