Top Tips for Job Hunting

October 2, 2019

January & February can be fierce months when it comes to job hunting. With Christmas over and everyone adopting the new year new me attitude, there is a lot more competition than usual. It is not hard to realise they are massive months in the recruitment calendar, after all National Job Hunting day does fall within January. In you are hunting for a new job or a step up in your career development here are some tips to help stand out and make the most of the recruitment window.

1. Stand Out

A lot of people make the mistake of using a generic application/resume for every role they apply to. It is extremely important that you tailor the resume specifically to the role and make yourself seem like an obvious fit for the job. During the hiring process companies go through hundreds if not thousands of applications which is why standing out and tailoring each application is vital. A good way to do this is to become familiar with the role itself and match your strengths and language to it. It is important to show the company what you can do for them before considering what you may want in turn.

2. Social Media

Social media is now not only an important factor in our personal lives but also in the business world. The power of social media should not be underestimated as it can be a great place to stay a step ahead in the job race. Social media allows you to advertise how great an asset you could be to companies hiring. It also helps you to get in contact with potential employers directly and discover new opportunities. When going through the application process only a few people may see it however, advertising yourself on social media such as Linkedin, Facebook and twitter allows for a much wider audience to view your showcase of strengths and talents.

3. Organisation

It is essential to keep organised when on the hunt for a job. Especially if you are applying for multiple jobs in multiple sectors. Applying for too many jobs is not recommended, it can become hard to handle and may also come off as a little desperate. However, keeping a note of each position applied for and on what dates is a good idea. This allows you to follow up on each application if you don’t hear back within a week. Persistence is key, you do not want your application to fall to the bottom of the employers list. Doing this shows interest in the job, eagerness and willingness to work.

4. Positivity

Good impressions at interviews, during calls or meetings are usually created through an individual being positive and engaging/motivated. However the longer a job hunt goes on and the more rejections you get, it can become extremely hard to stay positive. This can have a disastrous effect on the hunt as unenthusiastic and negative feelings can come across in interviews resulting in even more rejections and wasted opportunities. There are plenty of ways you can keep yourself in a positive state. Some people find it best to take a break from the hunt for a few days, whereas other people may find that exercise is a good way to de-stress and re-energise to get themselves into a better mindset.

5. Manners

Although sometimes forgotten, small details go a long way when it comes to interviews. Manners, etiquette and presenting yourself in the correct manner can leave a lasting impression on your interviewer. It is standard procedure for an interviewee to thank the interviewer for their time and the opportunity. However, a lot of people do not follow up on this with a thank you letter/e-mail which can help sway the odds in your favour. Even though it may seem trivial, going the extra mile to show your appreciation will leave a very good impression.