Top Tips on How to Improve Your C.V

November 29, 2019

With the amount of applications company’s and agencies receive on a daily basis for the vacancies they have available, it is vital fro your C.V to stand out from the rest. In order for your C.V to stand out it cannot be set out generically with a template to fit any job you apply for. Each C.V should be altered for the position and industry that you are applying to. Reading through C.Vs for one that stands out can be like a needle in a haystack so let’s make sure that needle is shiny!H

Start Your C.V As You Mean to Go On

Beginning with a summary of your accomplishments so far and your key skills that relate to the position will help to set the tone for the whole C.V and stand you out from the crowd. The first impression you want to give from the reader of your C.V is that you are the perfect fit for the role, make it easy for the reader to identify that.

Alter Your C.V to the Role & Industry

As already discussed in the intro above, to stand out your C.V must be altered to both the position and industry that you are applying to. This means taking out any unnecessary information that does not relate to the industry or position. Make sure your C.V relates directly to the job description and your qualities include those that match the responsibilities of the role.

Highlight Adversity

It is extremely important no matter the role you apply for to convey moments where you have overcame adversity. As any role comes with it’s own set of problems that you will face. Demonstrating you know how to problem solve and not let challenges get the better of you will help your C.V to stand out, hopefully giving the reader the idea you are the right candidate for the job.

Highlight Relevant Experience

Experience after all, is what the reader of your C.V is most interest in. If you have the correct amount if experience you are far more likely to be considered for the job. Highlight experiences you have had in past jobs or even in life that you think may relate to the experience necessary for the role.

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