What a No Deal Brexit May Cause

October 25, 2019

After the leave campaign won on June the 23rd 2016 with a slim majority of 51.9%, the day of reckoning (31st of October 2019) is almost upon us. The UK may only be a couple of months away from leaving the EU however, no one is certain what may happen when we leave or even if we will leave at this point. With Boris Johnson now heading the Conservative Party after Theresa May’s resignation it is now looking more likely than ever that the UK will leave the EU with no deal in tact.

There are many affects that a no deal could have on individuals, businesses, the economy and the UK as a whole. Leaving the EU with or without a deal means an end to free-movement of both goods and people. With a potential ‘hard’ Brexit, which means leaving the EU with no deal in place; there will be long delays at borders meaning disruption of the movement of food and medicines. A potential no deal Brexit will also have no choice but to result in a physical hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Which is likely to result in violence similar to the same that was seen in the past. With regard to borders a no-deal Brexit could possibly result in many long trade delays and renewed violence in Ireland (NI & ROI).

After the 31st of October airlines will lose their automatic right to fly between the UK and any EU members. This may result in some flights being grounded and unable to travel. Authorities will have to reach an agreement on air travel and which routes will still be available. However the EU has an emergency plan in place if a no deal Brexit does take place to potentially combat these difficulties. Brits living in the EU will lose their right to free healthcare due to Brexit. EU citizens in the UK can apply for ‘settled status’ by paying a fee of £65 and proving they live in the UK and cause no threat. A similar method is in process in the EU for ex-pat Brits however, it is not in place just yet.

In a broader scale, There is a potential shock of the economy. The Bank of England predicts that the £ value will fall and the economy will shrink worse than the stock market crash in 2008. However, the UK government has a contingency plan in place for a no deal Brexit. Part of these plans is the stock-piling of medicine. No one actually wants a no deal Brexit; not the UK or the EU. No matter what after the UK leaves the EU there will be one massive constitutional change and that is the EU will no longer have a say in how the UK is run.