What your CV should say about you!

March 5, 2020

Your CV is going to be your first impression to a lot of companies when applying for a job. It should stand out from the crowd and make the person reading it want to meet you. Sometimes, selling yourself and your own abilities can be the hardest thing you can do, so here a few tips to help you on your journey.

Make it work for YOU!

Your CV is much more than a list of your employment history. It should be a glowing reference of your accomplishments and achievements. Include your education, your qualifications, your working success. It is vitally important that your CV is personal to you and it can standout above the crowd. Make sure you put forward the best you!

Make it accurate

There is little point in having the greatest CV in the world, with great experience, qualifications and accomplishments only to be let down by a few spelling errors. It all goes back to making that good first impression. You may be the best candidate for that job but if your CV is littered with sloppy spelling and grammar mistakes then it makes you look clumsy with a poor eye for detail. Also, don’t embellish, the likelihood is you will get caught.

Make it relevant

Make your CV relevant to the position you are applying for. This is easy to do if your applying for a job in an industry that you are already working in, if that is the case emphasise your experience and why you would have no problem fitting in to the role you’re applying for. However, if you are looking to start a new career in a new area make sure your CV shows the skills you have developed that you will be able to take into your new job.

Make it current

Always be updating your CV. It is important to ensure that all aspects of your CV are not only accurate but up to date with how you are presenting yourself. Similar to keeping it accurate, if your contact information is incorrect then you have fallen at the first hurdle. Also, if you are listing references ensure they are aware and contactable.

Make it presentable

The wording and the content of your CV could be fantastic but if all an employer has in front of them is a big wall of black and white text, it makes it easier for it to end up in the bin! Use the space on the page, use headers and different fonts and typesets for the different sections. Help the eyes of an employer who may have read 100 CVs before yours!

With your CV looking good and ready to go that is where Proactive Recruitment come in. We will help you get your next role with our variety of clients throughout many different industries. Our dedicated team will help you find your new role which will help to make that sparkling CV look even better.