Why Temp Jobs Can Be More Beneficial Than Permanent

August 23, 2019

It is the norm for temporary employment to be seen as not the ideal position, especially when compared to permanent employment. However, temporary employment actually has many benefits to it that can outweigh permanent positions. It all comes down to the individuals needs, wants and the situation they find themselves in. This article comprises of 10 benefits that temporary employment possesses.

  1. CONTROL: Possibly one of the best and most important benefits of temporary employment is the flexibility it allows you to have. Temporary employment gives YOU the freedom to work when YOU want, take breaks when YOU want. In the beginning it may seem daunting that it is not a permanent role however, the freedom and flexibility that temp jobs bring can become much more satisfying than a fixed hour working week.
  2. SKILLS: One of the benefits of working in temporary roles is that the more companies you work for the more skills you learn in different roles. Even if a role may be similar to one that you have carried out before, there is always the chance of learning something new about it. Every company has their own way of dealing with day to day on-goings and temporary employment allows you to see the different views and make an informed choice and what you believe may be the best method to handle certain situations.
  3. EXPERIENCE: When it comes to job hunting experience is often essential for any role. Therefore, working in roles for the right companies really improves your C.V and can help you put ahead of other candidates that do not have the same experience. Experience is definitely one of the main factors that influence a potential employer to put you into a role.
  4. NETWORK: As everyone one knows in employment, “it is not WHAT you know its WHO you know.” Even though this saying may not be as true as it once was, it is great to build up a decent base of contacts from working at different roles. This is also a great benefit to obtain references for future roles.
  5. FIRST STEP: Temp Jobs are great way to make a first step in a competitive career path. Some jobs can be very competitive were there may be multiple applicants for the same job. Temp positions in these competitive positions can help get you in the door.
  6. STRESS: Temporary work allows you to have time for yourself when needed and more time when necessary. In this day and age it is a well known fact that workers are suffering a lot more than before with work-related stress. Happiness when working is key to perform at an efficient level and a temporary job can help obtain that with less pressure on your shoulders.
  7. CULTURE: Temp Jobs give you the freedom to explore and experience different cultures around the world, with the best benefit being the positions are only temporary and you can choose to change at any point.
  8. FUTURE: If you are looking for permanent positions, temporary roles are always the best place to start. If you are willing to put the work in they can always lead to permanent positions within the company. That is why you should NOT turn down a temp position as it may lead to something more.


These benefits were adapted from an article by totaljobs.com, for the original article click here.