Why You Should Be Transparent With Your Recruiter

February 9, 2022

It’s no secret that everyone is experiencing a job heavy yet candidate short market. You are probably going to have a lot more choices than you would have pre-pandemic no matter what sector you work in.

As recruiters we understand that you could either be liaising with another agency or applying to 20 jobs a day on platforms such as Indeed. Candidates can always drop out at various stages of the recruiting process which is not an uncommon occurrence, as other things may always come up or you may decide the job you are chasing with us is not for you anymore.

However, it is crucial that you stay transparent with your recruiter and let them know if you decide to change your mind.

When candidates disappear, they tend to stop responding to emails, don’t answer the phone, they fail to turn up to an interview and worst of all don’t appear for their first day on the job.

This can be incredibly frustrating to both recruiters and businesses alike. Essentially, it is a waste of time for everyone involved – including yours as a candidate, if you’ve gone to the bother of registering, filling in forms and going to interview.

We understand that you may feel anxious or embarrassed about letting recruiters know you have changed your mind, but clear communication allows us to provide all our candidates with a high level of service. A quick phone call or email is all we need from you if you decide to change your mind, it won’t be the first time a recruiter has heard that so you won’t get in any bother.

A recruiter loves chatting to people and getting to know all of our candidates and is the only way we can do our jobs well. Communication between recruiters, candidates, and clients ensures the best possible matches.

You can visit our website here and see what available jobs we have or you can call us during office hours on 01698 307400 where you can work together with one of our consultants to see if there is anything suitable for you at the time.